Virna Teixeira


Virna Teixeira was born in Fortaleza, Brazil. She started writing poetry when she was a medical student. She did an internship in neurology in São Paulo, a MSc in Sleep Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, returned to Brazil and moved with her family to London in 2015. She has a degree in Medical Humanities at King’s College London, and works with psychiatry in the NHS.

She has been very active as poet, writer, essayist, translator, curator and editor. She runs Carnaval Press, an independent project between Brazil and UK. She appeared in several anthologies of Brazilian poetry. Her work is translated to English, Spanish, Catalan and Hungarian. She is the editor-in-chief and web designer of visual arts and literary magazine Theodora (

Virna is preparing her first book of short stories in Portuguese. She also explores with video and had a videopoem selected to Festival Silêncio in Lisbon in 2017. She was guest editor for a Brazilian issue of magazine Alba Londres 8 in 2017. She has been attending regularly poetry festivals abroad over the years, and was invited to the World Poetry Festival in Medellín in 2018. In 2019, she did a project with the Brazilian community for the Library in Willesden Green.


Recent publications in English:

I pass by the club, Wrapped in a tight garment, Repetition, Poetry Wales (Volume 55. 1, Summer 2019)

Autopsy, Zarf (Volume 13, July 2019).

[A bag full of washing and memories] and Since you’ve been gone, The Projectionist’s Playground (Issue 2, 2017).

I will move continuously but I won’t move, The Projectionist’s Playground (Issue 1, 2017).

A parrot for, Another Time, [The outside is perfect parody of the inside], and Continuous margin of anxiety, Datableed (Issue 6). Link:

Books and Chapbooks:

Visita (Rio de Janeiro, 7 Letras, 2000)

Distância (Rio de Janeiro, 7 Letras, 2000)

Trânsitos (São Paulo, Lumme Editor, 2009)

Mar Morto (São Paulo, Arqueria Editorial, 2013

Atlantic, translated by Richard Price (São Paulo, Arqueria Editorial, 2013)

A Terra do Nunca é Muito Longe (Lisboa, Não Edições, 2014)

Maternal Instincts (Carnaval Press, 2015)

Neverland is Too Far Away (Carnaval Press, 2016)

Suite 136 (São Paulo, Demônio Negro, 2017)

The Couple’s Room (Carnaval Press, 2018)

Suite 136 (Carnaval Press, 2018)

Upcoming events and forthcoming publications

My Doll and I (chapbook) will be published by Pamenar Press in 2020.

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Twitter: @papelderascunho