Frances Presley

Frances Presley lives in London. Publications include An Alphabet for Alina, with artist Peterjon Skelt (Five Seasons, 2012), Halse for Hazel (Shearsman, 2014), Sallow (Leafe, 2016), with images by Irma Irsara, and Ada Unseen (Shearsman, 2019). Her work is in the anthologies Infinite Difference (2010), Ground Aslant: radical landscape poetry (2011) and Out of Everywhere2 (2015).


“Poem title”, Journal Title (Volume 55.1, Summer 2019) Link:

Ada Unseen (Shearsman, 2019) Link:

Upcoming events and forthcoming publications

Green Room, Porthcawl November 29 2019
XTL, London, December 19 2019

ADADA with Tilla Brading, Contraband, forthcoming

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