Emily Cotterill

Emily Cotterill is a Cardiff based poet originally from Alfreton, Derbyshire whose work has been variously described as, ‘neo-punk’, ‘northern soul’ and ‘fizzingly acute’. Her debut pamphlet The Day of the Flying Ants (smith|doorstop, 2019) was a part of Carol Ann Duffy’s final Laureate’s Choice selection and explores the way that the places we live shape the people that we become. She started writing about the melancholy of deindustrialisation at the age of 10 following a school trip to a former steelworks in Rotherham and is yet to stop. An alarming proportion of her poems make reference to coal – she has no additional geological loyalties.


“Poem title”, Journal Title (Volume 55.1, Summer 2019) Link: https://linktothejournaloryourpieceifavailabletoview.co.uk

Book title (Poetry Wales Press, 2019) Link: http://preferredlinktosellyourbook.com

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