Emily Blewitt

Emily Blewitt is the author of This Is Not A Rescue (Seren Books, 2017) and the poetry submissions editor for New Welsh Reader. She has published poetry in The Rialto, Poetry Wales, Ambit, and The North, among others, and was Highly Commended in the 2016 Forward Prizes. She read English Language and Literature at St Hilda’s College, Oxford (2004-2007), and has an MA in Film and Literature from the University of York (2009). In 2016 she completed a PhD at Cardiff University, where her doctoral research explored the poetic representations of pregnancy by women writers in nineteenth-century and contemporary literature. Emily has appeared at Hay Festival, on Radio 4, and has collaborated with other writers and artists on the Weird and Wonderful Wales project. She is the recipient of a Literature Wales bursary, and is currently working on her second collection of poetry. Emily lives in Bridgend with her husband, Greg, and their son, Taliesin.

Recent publications include work in Islands Are But Mountains: New Poetry from the United Kingdom (Platypus Press, 2019) and guest-editing New Welsh Reader 120 (Summer 2019), a special issue on poetry, pregnancy and motherhood.

Selected Publications

This Is Not A Rescue (Seren Books, 2017) https://www.serenbooks.com/productdisplay/not-rescue

Editorial, New Welsh Reader (120, Summer 2019) https://www.newwelshreview.com/contents-120.php

’13 Weeks, 2 Days’, Islands Are But Mountains: New Poetry from the United Kingdom (Platypus Press, 2019) https://platypuspress.co.uk/islandsarebutmountains

‘Haven Meadow’, ‘Not Lost’, ‘The Daughter Speaks’. The Crunch Magazine (Issue 9, 2019)

 ‘Four-Minute Warning’, Planet (229, 2018)

‘The Men in My Family’, Planet (228, 2017)

 ‘The Daughter Speaks’, ‘Boba Fett and the Sarlacc’, ‘The Walking Wed’, The North (Summer 2017)
‘This Is Not a Rescue’ (Highly Commended), The Forward Book of Poetry 2017 (September 2016)

‘Witness’, The Interpreter’s House (July 2016)

‘Burry Port’, ‘Devouring Jane’, ‘Not Lost’, Cheval 9 (July 2016)

‘The Changing Habits of Women’, with Rebecca Parfitt, Poetry Wales (Spring 2016).

‘How to Marry a Welsh Girl’, The Rialto (Winter 2015)

‘The Couple Opposite’, Prole (Winter 2015)

‘Things My Dance Teacher Used to Say’, Ambit (July 2015)

 ‘Self-Defence’ and ‘Dear Emily’, Poetry Wales (Autumn 2014) 

 ‘Wrecker’, Furies (For Books’ Sake, 2014).  

Upcoming events and forthcoming publications

Poetry forthcoming in The Rialto.

Further information

Twitter: @SEmilyBlewitt

Instagram: @BlewittEmily

Website: https://emilyblewitt.wordpress.com/