Ben Bransfield

Ben Bransfield was born in Shropshire and now lives in London. His poems have featured in Primers: Volume Two (Nine Arches), Poetry Ireland Review, Poetry Salzburg Review, The North, Magma, Oxford Poetry, and elsewhere.


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‘How I Did It – Primers Volume Two: Ben Bransfield on ‘And to this day’’, Poetry School Blog (June 2017) Link:

15 poems. ‘Greenhouse’, ‘Granddad’, ‘Palaeontology’, ‘Broseley’, ‘Garden Twine’, ‘Paradise’, ‘Glossary’, ‘SupaSnaps’, ‘Shaving with my Father’, ‘Amanita phalloides’, ‘Delivery’, ‘Pac-a-mac’, ‘And to this day’, ‘Bedlington Terrier’, ‘Copper Calf’, Primers: Volume Two (Nine Arches Press, 2017), pp. 17-32. Link:

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‘Poetryclass: How to bake a poet’, Poetry Society (July 2016) Link:

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‘Acupuncture’, Ash (Vol 2, 2007), p. 11. Link:
‘Stabilisers’, Obsessed with Pipework (Winter 2005) Link:

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