Alan Kellermann

Alan Kellermann was born in Wisconsin, USA and lives in Swansea. His first collection is You, Me and the Birds. His work has appeared, among other journals, in Poetry Ireland Review, Poetry Wales, Planet, has been recorded for BBC Radio, and has been filmed and featured on The Crunch online magazine. He lectures at Swansea University and occasionally edits poetry for Parthian Books.


You, Me and the Birds. Parthian; 2012.

‘Poet Crossing’, ‘Sleeping Woman’, ‘The Poet Reclining’, ‘Self-Portrait with Muse’, ‘Cubist Landscape’, ‘Companion Stars’, ‘Still Life with Wine Glasses’, ‘like wallpaper she was’, ‘The Lovers’, ‘Dry Martini’. Ed. Lucy Llewellyn. Ten of the Best. Parthian. Ceredigion; 2011.

(Two haiku). Another Country: Haiku Poetry from Wales. Ed. Nigel Jenkins, Ken Jones, Lynne Rees. Gomer. Llandysul, Ceredigion; 2011.

‘like wallpaper she was’, ‘Homage to Apollinaire, 1911-12’, ‘Birthday, 1915’. Nu: Fiction and Stuff. Ed. Tomos Owen. Parthian. Ceredigion; 2009.

Selected Journals

“Ornithology”, Poetry Wales (Stay-at-Home, Spring 2020) Link:

‘Doggerel’. Poetry Wales, 50.4. Spring 2015.

‘An Amateur’s Guide to Astronomy’, ‘Noir’, ‘Trains’. Lampeter Review, 9. May, 2014.

‘Berkely Fudge with the Luna Trio’. New Welsh Review, 97. Autumn, 2012.

‘Paris Through the Window’. New Welsh Review, 93. Autumn, 2011. 68-69.

‘The Soldier Drinks’, ‘Au dessus de la Ville’, ‘(Don’t Fence Me In)’. Agenda. Online Broadsheet.

‘The Grey House’. Poetry Ireland Review, 95. 2008. 26.

‘like wallpaper she was’. Planet, 189. December/January, 2007-2008. 27.

‘Something God Doesn’t Know’. Main Street Rag, 8:1. Spring 2003. 21.


‘Hour Between Wolf and Dog’, ‘The Story We Tell When There is No Moon’. Atlanta Review, Spring 2020.

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